Ombori releases React Native Search API as Open Source

Press release: 2017-05-14

Mobile app developer Ombori today announced a second addition to its set of open source tools. The React Native Search API module gives developers a general React Native interface to interact with the iOS Search API, Core Spotlight.

“This API underpins what I call the web-app spiral,” explained CEO Andreas Hassellöf. “This is a software-driven marketing technique where your Web site and your mobile app help each other to grow. The spiral helps you acquire new customers on both platforms and also gives you an SEO and ASO boost. Your Web users are encouraged to download your app using tools like the Ombori App Banner, which we released as open source last week. Then, if your app and Web site are properly linked together, the more people use your app, the higher you will rank in searches on both the Web and in the app stores. That in turn drives more customers to your Web site, who you can then convert to app users, and so on.”

“Open source is definitely a key part of our overall strategy,” said Ombori Interface Lead Gustaf Zetterlund. “It helps us tap into a wider community of highly skilled developers, and enables our team to innovate and improve our tools at a more rapid pace.”

About Ombori

Ombori, headquartered in Stockholm, Sweden, was founded by serial entrepreneur Andreas Hassellöf in 2015 to provide innovative mobile and Web solutions to the e-commerce, m-commerce, retail and financial sectors.

Ombori’s flagship products are aimed at increasing mobile app downloads, maximizing engagement of mobile users, and driving up mobile revenue through optimizing UX.

The company secured its first clients in summer 2016, and now has offices in New York, Hong Kong and Manila.

For more information

Andreas Hassellöf, CEO: [email protected]
Anders Hansson, CCO: [email protected] Ombori C/O No18, Centralplan 15, 111 20 Stockholm