Maximize app downloads from your Web site


Once you have an app, it's critical to get your existing Web and mobile Web users to start using it. But getting them to download your app isn't always simple. Even if you put links on your page to the app stores so that customers can easily download your apps, the data shows that in practice, customers rarely do it. They're too focused on making a purchase and moving on. And if they're coming from a desktop, there's usually no easy path to help them download the app onto their mobile devices. For enterprise customers, there's an additional step: updating the Web site often requires an already overloaded Web team to add new code, which can take time. In the fast-moving world of online commerce, that's not good.

At Ombori, we created a simple solution, the App Banner which we've codenamed Bruce. It's a simple pop-up that can be implemented on a Web site just via a small change to the Google tag manager. It detects the user's device and invites them to download the app from Apple or Google as appropriate.


App Banner on Android, showing link to Google Play

If the customer is using a desktop, App Banner will offer to text them a link to get the app, so they can get it next time they're on their phone. And, since nobody wants to see irritating pop-ups, App Banner won't appear once you accept or decline the download.

Does it work?

In a word, yes! App Banner has been deployed on several client sites, and initial results have been extremely encouraging.

Preliminary data indicates that App Banner results in an increase of almost 20x in app downloads from a site.

It's immediately clear that customers who don't respond to simple links are responding much more strongly to App Banner. It's also considerably faster for clients to deploy App Banner than to amend their Web site code.

The positive spiral

Maximizing app downloads isn't simply about getting more users onto your mobile app. It's an essential part of SEO. When your app is connected to your Web site via the Google Search SDK - which is standard practice for all apps created at Ombori - your Web site's search rankings will rise the more your app is downloaded and used. And conversely, the better your Web site search rankings, the better your app will rank within the app stores.

In other words, persuading your most loyal customers to download and use your mobile app will help you find new customers via organic Web search. Even if those app users only generate a small part of your total revenue, they should be a key part of your overall digital marketing strategy.

If you want to take it for a spin, you can find the code at